Channel Impulse Response


I have the TREK1000 with EVB1000 boards.

I would like to extract the raw channel impulse response values of the tags (like Fig. 18 in the Ranging Demo PC User Guide) for further processing.

  1. Is it possible to do this with the Deca Ranging application? Does that allow me to export the channel impulse response values?
  2. If not, how do I do this? Is there any sample programs or instructions? I am completely new to this platform, so detailed and clear steps are appreciated.

You can enable USB to SPI mode on the EVBs, then you can use DecaRanging PC application to connect and drive the DW IC. Run two applications - one as tag and other as anchor and they will range to each other, you can then log the CIRs.

And how to enable USB to SPI using TREK/EVB boards is described in the brief presentation attached.

Ok so I figured out how to do this. The detail that was missing in the prior answers and documentation is that the DecaRanging PC application only works when you flash v3.05 of the DecaRanging software onto the boards using the ST-Link program (which can be downloaded for free online). For reference the .bin file for v3.05 is part of the folder that contains the DecaRanging application.

If you buy the TREK1000 chips, by default it will only have v.2.xx on it, and this won’t work.

Yep, TREK1000 comes from the box loaded with version 2.10. Note that the latest TREK SW is 2.25. Available from our website
TREK and EVK both have EVB1000s. This means that the boards are 100% compatible and so flashing boards back and forward with TREK Software and EVK Software is no problem.
Important to note though is that when using TREK boards as EVK one should beside using PC Decaranging usermanual also use the EVK user manual as a reference. This because the S1 dip switch functions (on the display side of the EVB) for TREK and EVK are very different .