Channel and Extended frame length


I am using the extended frame length mode for an application on DWM1001 and I noticed something strange.
When using the standard mode I can have devices communicating on channel 5 and channel 4 at the same time without disturbing each other. However, with the extended mode I get RX errors from time to time.
I did not find any information in the documentation concerning this mode changing the frequency channel.

If you could provide more information on this mode that would be great. Thanks!

Hi Icalvez,

I don’t think the extended frame is very likely to create more interference between channel 4 and 5.

It is more likely that there is some extended frame overlap on the same channel and as a consequence a receive error. Is there any chance this situation would happen ?

Also please note the DWM1001 is optimised for channel 5. The performance may be degraded with channel 4.