CH2 support PDOA?

hi, all:

we see that CH5 get the PDOA, how to get the CH2’s angle ?

Same principle applies, the CH2 Node antenna array will be ‘wider’ to satisfy < lambda/2 requirement.

default AOA board, I change the ch5 to ch2, but don’t get the right angle, so the antenna don’t support the CH2?

The PDoA antenna hardware is designed for CH5 only.
You will need a new Antenna for CH2. We do not have a CH2 design avaialble.

hi, Kenneth:

Thanks, If we use CH2, will the effect be better ? Because the penetration of the low frequency is stronger

CH2 will get you better range.
We have found that CH5 works very well for access use cases for example.

another problem, about the polynomial:

have your demo code use it ? nRF52840 software code, I don’t find it, maybe the PC client use it ?