Carrier integrator

Hi all,
In DWM1000’s API guide there is a mentioning of an API ‘DWT_READCARRIERINTEGRATOR’
what is the main purpose of this API?
How it’s helpful in clock synchronisation?
Can this API be used for wireless synchronisation for TDOA scheme based wireless sinchronization?

Please help!

This register is used to estimate clock drift rate to compensate the receiver for frequency offset when package is received.
See register: Sub-Register 0x27:28 – DRX_CAR_INT in chapter of the IC user manual.
Latest version IC user manual is version 2.12 and is available from:

thanks leo,

i went through the document and found the following paragraph “The DW1000 receiver needs to compensate for frequency offsets between the timing references at the transmitting device and itself to successfully receive a packet. Therefore, when a packet is successfully received, the DW1000 has a sufficiently accurate estimate of the frequency offset.”

if receiver has already compensated for frequency offsets and is giving the offset value through carrier integrator how is it useful to us in increasing the accuracy of ranging?

my main concern is if carrier integrator value can be used for synchronizing two decawave modules?