Can't get good TWR distance streams n iphone with anchors place high

I have 4 anchor place 15 to 25 feet above ground level. All antennas are 90 degrees to horizontal. 2 antennas are pointed to the side two are pointed straight.
Have an iPhone app that is running 4 NISessions and distance streams are stopping a lot. Even a few meters away from anchor distance stream stops.

Luck to get 2 anchors streams working at same time. Occasionally, I’ll get three anchor distance streams but this is rare. All anchors are about 20 meters less from each other.

Does any one have any things to fix this. ie. what is the best antenna orientations? Can I bast the anchr pwer for TWR?

Qorvo Nearby app is a little better but still getting lots of drops outs when when under 10 meters from anchor.

Is there a prefered orientation I should hold the phone at. Also, the Qorvo nerby app turns on the camera, how is that being used to improve distance data?

2 are point straight up.

remember, the detection cone on the iphone is only 60 degrees total width

so high up or wide left/right will not be seen or will cause drop outs


Coach the user on range, orientation, and line of sight

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