Cannot Share Code & Test Files?

Dear admins,

I was all ready to upload/share a WAV file reader/C-Block component and a couple of sample WAV files. The component code is a *.cpp file and the sample files are (of course) *.wav. When I go to upload the code/test files, I find that I can upload *.c files but not *.cpp nor *.wav files.

I’d like to contribute. How do I do that?

Edit: Apparently *.ccp files are allowed. Maybe a forum configuration mistake?

– robert


Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this.

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Hi, Jeff. Here’s more info. When I try to upload/attach a *.h file to a message, I get this:

Allowed file types don’t include *.h and *.cpp (there is a *.ccp which I presume is an error). I’d think that allowing *.qsch would also be needed if we’re going to share our code with a sample schematic/component.

I suppose that I’ll can post attachments as simple text or even PDFs but that’s a lot of extra steps.



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Thanks. I’ve asked our IT team to look into this. It was already on our radar that we need a better way to share files. Stay tuned.


There would be best to have a knowledge base like thing (e.g. wiki based) to share knowledge and the developed libraries, collection of models, etc. for QSPICE. The LTspice has similar however it is independent from ADI.

It is very nice that the new features are pinned by Jeff but have some kind of knowledge base could make easier to share these type of new features and news.

The documentation of QSPICE is quite narrow to the point and the users ask questions about the details in this forum and Mike answers them. I noticed that I regularly save Mike explanations to my PC because they are really helpful and makes thing clearer and I am not sure I will easily find them next time when I need them. A knowledge base could help this situtation too (e.g. tips and tricks or howto section).

This definetly needs lot of resources form the part of QORVO (IT, knowledge base maintenance, etc.) but if QSPICE will be as popular as LTspice, and a community will build around it, worth to considere it. I do not know the plans of QORVO of QSPICE just I would have liked to share some thoughts.

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Yes, we do want to implement a framework similar to what you’re proposing. There’s ongoing discussion here about the correct IT tools.

A FAQ will help tremendously. That is also in progress.