Can the DWM1001 be used as a Tag for Mdek1001?

I love the MDEK1001 (dont have one yet) and want to use it for automations around my home in conjunction with (MQTT topics w/ gateways), but i dont want to carry around a bulky “anchor” around my neck

According to the website, i can use one of these

Does this thing need to be connected to anything to receive power, or once i “flash” it can i just slip it on my iphone’s case or in an apple watch sleeve of some sort?

Hi gdbavidx,

The link you sent refers to MDEK1001 as well I think (12 units of dwm1001-dev).

Regarding your question, a DWM1001 is compatible with MDEK (Basically MDEK is built around dwm1001 + PANS firmware), but you will need additional circuit to use the moduel. A minimum is a host pcb with power supply circuit.

Have a look at the schematic of the dwm1001-dev it will give you an idea of what is required for the power supply.


What does this watch use?

That was a PoC , not commercialized.

It wouldn’t be compatible with the PANS software. You could probably design something similar with the DWM1001C, you may need a bigger battery though.


Could i use this with your software if it flashed?

How would i connect it to a battery?

The Sewio product is based on DW1000, but it has a very different software/hardware architecture. It is not compatible with DWM1001.

Regarding connectign to the battery, do you mean the DWM1001 module ? Well you will need to make a custom PCB with the appropriate power supply circuit (and potentially battery charging circuit). If you have limited experience with electronics it will be difficult.


what about the dws3000 is that compatible? (it works with apple watch/iphone 11)

is it possible to change it to the channel 5/9 what apple listens oN?