Can Tag be associated with specific network in Decawave Application

After setting up the network in the application, is there any possible way to associate the tag being used with the device? So that tag location does not get lost frequently, or app does not try to add another tag in the network.

Hi Hikmanshu,

I believe you are using DWM1001 and PANS software.

I’m not exactly sure about the question you are asking. What do you mean by _ to associate the tag being used with the device?_

Do you mean is there a way to constantly connect one tag with the android application ? In this case it is currently not possible, you would have to modify the application for which the source code is provided on the website.

Thank you,

Yes! This is what I wanted to know if there is any way to connect the Tag with the android application constantly without breaking the connection or without other tag getting connected to the same device.
Thanks for your reply. We have the source code, but I was wondering if there is any existing solution of the same.