Bug Report for Help Docs - top of "£-Device" page is missing "Types" summary table

OK, I’ve added such a table, for what its worth.

For background information, these devices are left over from a former role of the QSPICE simulator. Originally this simulator was going to be the front end to an expert system(sort of AI) for ASIC design – the notion being a application engineer would be able to design an IC, by himself, with only a few days work without having to get an IC designer, layout person, or even a test engineer involved.

This expert system was based on a library of IP blocks commonly found in IC design, bandgaps, gates, flops, etc. The Yen-devices were for the blocks of the IP library that needed 16 or fewer connections to the rest of the IC. The Euro-devices were for libraried IP blocks that needed 32 connections. And if the IP block needed 64 connections, well, then that was a Pound Sterling device. In this arraignment, there were always going to be unused pins in the netlist, and the Yen character was used to mean that that pin did not exist in the IP on the IC. Often you can go into the Symbol Properties Pane and set a pin to “¥”, and the behavior of the device is appropriate for a device that didn’t have the functionality of that pin.

Just letting you know because being familiar with the development path can be beneficial.