Bug Report for Help Docs - inconsistant naming on "¥-Device" page

Bug Report for Help Docs:

  • inconsistant naming on “¥-Device” page. The names & descriptions in the top “Types” table don’t match the subtitle names throughout this same help page. For example, " PS-FLOP / SMPS flip-flop" in top table, but the subtitle further down the page is “Power Supply Flip flop”. There are many other examples.

Comment - Yes, I agree this is a minor issue, but since the help screens are shown within QSPICE and my task as a beta tester is to report issues, this is why I’m reporting this issue.

Recommendation - Instead of flooding your forum with minor help documentation issues, someone in charge may want to create ONE post where beta testers should report documenation issues.

The Yen device nomenclature currently requires the 1st letter of each type to be different. This is done to speed up the switch() statement that evaluates the instance. It’s hard to get any code in any language to execute faster than that using a C switch() statement. Anyway, it will look all a little odd in the documentation. The help file tries to tell you what they do and then also the exact syntax required.

However, usually you don’t have to worry about the syntax since there are already symbols defined with the right type name.