Bridge node and web manager

hi, iam using mdek1001 and i already followed the gateway guide to use the web manager.
But it seems that when i open the manager it only shows gateway, no anchors or tags and the bridge node is not showed in the android app as well. what is the problem??

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If you can show us the /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001.config in your RPi i will a help for fix the issue, Maybe the PANID is not correct between Anchor/Tag and Gateway ( “nis 0x_ _ _ _”).



see i did not use the direct header pin between raspi and dwm1001 unit.
but it should work even without the header and only a usb cable because it’s the same thing serial connection

Hi Ahmed,

You need the pin header as the spi interface is used as well as the uart. It will not work with only a usb cable between the dwm1001 and the raspberry pi.

Please note the pin header must be soldered to ensure connectivity is good.

Thank you,

okay thank u for ur reply

Where do you get Web Manager? I cannot find it… and where do you install it, on what?

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Look at page 22 of “PANS: Gateway Quick Deployment Guide”.
“In order to connect to the web-manager, it is necessary to connect to the proxy-server host IP
address using a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.”

But it doesn’t still tell us where to get it from.
Is it a web link?

i have the same problem ! how did u fixed it plz !