Bluetooth does not turn on

When the module is plugged into a power source, no bluetooth is activated, no LED lights up, and no connection to android. Please tell me how to fix


The DWM1001C modules are ship from the factory without firmware loaded.


I have a DWM 1001-DEV module, the instructions indicate that if bluetooth is not turned on, you need to click on the bluetooth power button, but nothing turns on

Dear slava_ive,

DWM1001-DEV module contains DWM1001C which is delivered without firmware. You should load the ready-to-use PANS firmware to your module by following DWM1001 Firmware User Guide

After the firmware is loaded to your module, LEDs and everything will be turned on, everything will be fine and you can reach the module by Android APK.

TL;DR Your module’s brain is empty. You may want to fill.

Yours Sincerely

thank you :расслабленный:

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