BLE sleep configurations

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As per the DWM1001 system overview document -

Blockquote Bluetooth radio: The Bluetooth advertisements are transmitted on DWM1001 power up and when the user presses the Bluetooth wake up button. The advertisements are transmitted for 20 s. When another Bluetooth device (tablet) is connect to the module, the connection is maintained and the module (i.e. tag) will not be able to go to sleep. As soon as the device disconnects, the Bluetooth module will send advertisements for 20 s and if no connection is established, the Bluetooth module will be disabled and its resources released allowing the device to enter sleep state.

I am using MDEK1001 for my system tests and -

  1. How can we change the device to active state over BLE , 20 seconds after powering up ?
  2. How can a mobile detect presence of decawave transceivers , may be after few mins of powering up devices . In PANS , is there any modification of advertising . In MDEK 1001 will the devices keep advertising BLE packets and if so what is the duration . Can you please share the exact details and duration of the operations.

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  1. After 20s, you will need to push the BLE wakeup button to enable BLE advertisement.

  2. Unfortunately, the BLE scheme cannot be modified within PANS (Firmware used by default on MDEK1001 devices)

Please refer to the BLE api documentation for further information :

You will find it within the document folder from :

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