Binary file for STM32F072CBT6

Hello everyone,

I’ve using a DWM1001 kit. I’ve found some problem when trying to set up the devide as bridge mode and making it work with the raspberry.

I was able to test it for abou un hour and then it broke.

I’m no longer able to re-flash the DWM1001 not to comunicate on shell mode with it so I’m guessing I’ve got some problem with the microprocesator STM32F072CBT6 so I’m thinking about replacing it and reprogramming.

Can anyone give me the .bin/.hex file that runs on it? any other help on this?

Thanks in advance

Hello Carolina

You can find the firmware in the DWM1001/Factory_firmware_Image directory of the MDEK1001 source code and docs package.

You can flash this with the Segger Jlink software, see section 3.3, Guides to flash the DWM1001 with factory image, in the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide.


The binary image for the STM is a licensed firmware (Segger J-Link) which is programmed in the factory. We do not distribute this binary. When you plug in the USB to board and computer, does the board enumerate?