Bias Point Analysis

Bias Point Analysis


Is there any way to see the list with the nodes’ voltages and the devices’ currents? I think it is interesting, mainly to carry out the DC analysis of a circuit. This is useful for those just learning, such as basic electronics students.

In the graph, as there is no time variable, something like “V(n01) = x yV” is shown in the bottom bar. It shouldn’t be the node’s label, as it shows the cursor position, not the node’s voltage value.

Well, what you can do is a .op analysis and then cross probe the bias point. The horizontal scale is a dummy, going from 0 to 1 with no units.

I call it dead-scoping, because it’s bit like when the time base goes out and you just see a dot on the phosphor that goes up and down with the probe voltage, though that’s not really right term because dot is a featureless line draw from side to side so you can see it.


Yes, I understood. But a table of all the values is way simpler than picking every voltage and current in the circuit to get the graph and then extracting the value.

I am a professor, and I always encourage students to simulate the circuits analyzed in exercises and/or assemblies in the lab.

Hi I think it’s features like this cmstein
would like:

I would agree they are convient to use sometimes, even though I mostly use the plot viewer when using LTspice.

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OK, I added the ability to get a display like that if you go to the dead-scoping plot window and execute top menu command File=>Export.

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