Beta PDOA Kit measure and DW1000 questions

We use Beta PDOA Kit and had below questions, please help to advise.

  1. How to meaure RF signal? I try to measure RF signal by antenna+Spectrum in Beta PDOA Kit, but can’t get any RF signal.
  2. Please help to provide the UWB spec and the frequency/bandwidth default setting value in Beta PDOA Kit.
  3. Please provide the EMC report of DW1000 and Beta PDOA Kit
  4. Please help to provide DW1000 Board level design guide.
  5. Please help to advise how to meaure EMC and RD signal site.
  6. Please help to provide the recommendation factory test plan, process and test fixture, equipment.
  7. What’s the update schedule of DW3000?

Thank you.

Hi Neilu

  1. Please ensure you use a SA with high enough bandwidth. UWB operates at a frequency above what a lot of SAs are capable of. I typically use the R&S FSP SA with 9kHz…13.6GHz range, on which I use following setting to measure a frame on channel 5:
SA settings chan 5

Detector = RMS
Ref = -20 dBm
Attenuation = 10 dB
Span = 2 GHz
RBW = VBW = 1 MHz
Sweep_Time = 2 s
Center f: 6.4896GHz

  1. See default_config.h in the example code:
Default UWB config
/* UWB config */
#define DEFAULT_CHANNEL             5
#define DEFAULT_PRF                 DWT_PRF_64M
#define DEFAULT_RXPAC               DWT_PAC8
#define DEFAULT_PCODE               9
#define DEFAULT_NSSFD               1
#define DEFAULT_DATARATE            DWT_BR_6M8
#define DEFAULT_SFDTO               (128 + 1 + 16 - 8)
  1. The PDoA kit is a reference design, not a product for resale. We haven’t performed EMC testing on the PDoA kit since it’s considered lab equipment. EMC testing for just a radio chip isn’t really possible since EMI/EMC is impacted by the antenna, layout, firmware, cabling, etc. As per section in the RED guide we (can) only perform a risk assessment and instructions, which we cover in APS009 and APR001-003.
  2. See DW1000 HW Design Guide
  3. This depends on the standard and norm to be tested against, which depends on region/country. See the “REGULATIONS AND CERTIFICATION” section in our list of Application notes.
  4. See DW1000 Production Tests.
  5. mass production is planned for end June - begin July.