Backhaul command to change setting on tag

I have a setup of 3 anchors, and 2 tags, which works fine with the raspberry bridge with the dwm image. From the web interface, I could set the setting on the Tags, such as turning the LED off, and other setting without using the android apps via HP.

Now I am trying to use own program to communicate with the Tags from the Bridge (RaspPi) without using the DWM daemon (either I kill it or use raspbian image), after setting up all the necessary spi module etc, I am able to read the status, location, etc from the Tags with the backhaul xfer command (0x37 0x02 …) and decode them to what I need, but I am now stuck to send the command to change the setting of the Tags such as turning the LED off.

From the searching and experiments, I notice that the daemon is running through some initialization for the UMB network, such as the loop from dwm_nodeid_get, dwm_panid_get, dwm_init_cfg_get, dwm_cfg_get, dwm_cfg_anchor_set, dwm_reset… and another loop of setting the panid and secure key etc… .

I also notice following the initialisation, there are some xfer command which sent data to the tags, and also the anchors, but i tried to mimic the sequence but i still fail to set the LED of the tag.

I also understand that quite some posts asking similar questions but the answer is “the backhaul command is not documented, making it not useful”, but could I have the pseudocode on how to set the LED from the start of the initialisation to turning off the LED for example?

Hope I could get some answer for this.




We are solving the same problem. How did you managed to get info via backhaul xfer becacuse, as you said, “the backhaul command is not documented, making it not useful”
Also maybe you have sucseeded in setting up the tag?

Thank you!