Application Advice

Hello, I’m new to the forum.
I purchased an MDEK1001 kit, I would like to know if I can activate an IO at a predetermined distance.
What are the steps to follow? is the right product for this application?

Example: a tag approaches an anchor, and when it reaches 30cm it opens an IO, when it leaves the predetermined radius it closes.

Sorry for the english.

Totally possible to do this with DWM1001 and the PANS software.

You could post process the data coming through the UWB network, when a tag’s proximity is at the threshold, the system can be setup to send the toggle I/O command back to the tag like you describe. Some backend programming would be needed to do this.

The solution could also be implemented at the Tag level.

Hi, thank you for your help, we are not expert in these technologies, can you please explain step-by-step us how to set a rule that activate an output on a DWM1101C if its associated tag will be nearer than a value that will set during the installation? If we could do this application will start sell this system in a large scale, so we will need hundreds of tags in the near future.

We wait for your reply, thank you.