Antenna Delay OPT value - should be used?


I have a question regarding the Antenna Delay value stored on the OTP, in my case on a MDEK1001 kit that i acquired.

Since i want to develop my own firmware with 8 anchors and 1 tag for example, I wonder if I should use the otp antenna delay (and probably the others otp values stored too) to configure each of my devices? I mean thoose values were obtained regarding only their delay on Rx and Tx or in a conjunction with others devices?

I asked this (and could be a silly question) because i have an error of 25-30 cm and i dont know where it comes yet and i started to doubt about this antenna delays of each device could bring this error up and not the “typical” 10 cm that im trying to search. There’s a distance near 5 meters where this error is less then 10 cm. Is this right? After 5 meters it back to the normal error (25-30 cm)…

Note: this errors im talking happens even in LOS mode and i know that there is a bias value too, but 25 cm it is not much?