Antenna and radio performance differences between DWM1000 and DWM1001

Hi, what is the difference of the antenna and the radio performance (e.g. in terms of omnidirectionally/max range/etc) between a DWM1000 and a DWM1001 module?

The antenna used on these modules are very different. The DWM1001 uses a planer pcb design, specifically designed for CH5. The DWM1000 use a chip antenna which performs well for a range of UWB channels - CH2 thru CH5. Check the DS for more details and radiation patterns!

Thank you. May I ask, what is DS?


You can incorporate a slot antenna in the ground plane which fits inside the dimensions used by the original chip antenna. OTA comparisons have not shown any significant difference between the slot and the original chip antenna. The original balun is used to feed the slot antenna.

performance of antenna and radio are quite similar. The omnidirectional antenna radiates same radio power in all direction by making a ninety-degree angle with its axis. I read about this from a Facebook article. Radio catches the signal.