Anchor to anchor ranging is not displayed in Anchor0 in TREK1000


I am using the TREK1000 with one tag and two anchors. When I tried to read the USB VCOM outputs via the A0, I don’t see any message having the message ID “ma” :thinking: .

I tried uploading the Decawave provided original source code, which is available in here since I was amending the TREK with my own code. But the “ma” messages are NOT displayed :frowning_face: . The USB output of A0 is like follows:

Please help me on this, since I am not able to proceed further with this error.

Thank you…


For locating, tracking TREK requires messaging from at least 3 Anchors to run its trilatration algorithm. TREK will then be able to do Anchor to Anchor ranging , which will then also result in getting MA (anchor to ancho corrected range)

See also TREK ARM source code guide

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Thanks Leo :slightly_smiling_face: