Anchor high power consumption problem

Hi ,
iam testing the Anchor power consumption myself because i couldn’t find any information about that .iam running a continuously python script on raspberry connected to tag , using 3.7 li-ion battetry for the anchor it only lasts for 28 hours , knowing that the battery is 650mAh so that means that it consumes about 23mA which is huge !!
any ideas for power saving
Do turning off Bluetooth option or the accelerometer would help?


Are you using DWM1001 or DWM1001-DEV, with other words would you have connected the DWM to an development board?
It may be you have leakage through the pins if connected to other devices, including the dev board, and so it can happen that the device is consuming more power than it should be.

But anyways , switching off the Bluetooth and accelerometer would indeed reduce the current consumption. Please also check the schematic.


thanks for ur reply ,
iam using it with DEV board , but entending to de-solder it soon
so whats the actual consumption for only DWM1001??
thanks in advance .

See me reply here. Should you need to measure different setup, please let me know.