Anchor auto positioning without BLE

For a project, I’m exploring using the DWM1001C DEV for a rapid deployment scenario. We do not plan on using the BLE app but getting the data from a gateway on a RPi and using the online manager/developing our own. With this, we need to be able to get the location of the anchors every time it’s deployed. We understand that the auto positioning is not perfect, but we really need to be able to do this from our RPi rather then though the BLE app. If anyone has any insight this would be awesome. Thanks!

Hi Austin,

please see the
Using API call dwm_loc_get on an Anchor will give you distances to other surrounding Anchors.
But in PANS there is no other way to trigger the Auto-positioning measurement than via BLE. The trigger is done only via Initiator.

So a the solution would be to trigger the measurement on the Initiator via BLE. Then having some User Application on the Anchors to collect the measurements using dwm_loc_get and send them via IoT data to the Gateway.


Does the dwm_loc_get() call on an anchor gives the ranging data from it’s neighbouring anchors? In other words, distances between the anchors?
I tried it, but the ranging is only available from tag mode.
Please clarify.