Hi everyone,

As far as I am concerned there are differnt algorithms in estimation of position.
1.Mapping technique
2. Geometric

I know that Mapping technique is not efficient. Geometric approach uses a basic trilateration whithout considering noise but Statistical one consider the noise as part of the positioning estimation. Do you know which appach is used in the DWM10001?


The DWM1001 is an UWB module based on the DW1000, that produces timestamps indicating the time of flight of received packets. It doesn’t do location and does not have a location algorithm running inside it.

The embedded software running on the controlling processor can do TWR (Two way ranging) with other nodes in the system and determine the distancebetween nodes.

It is the GUI App running on either a PC or phone that runs the location algorithm.
As far as I know the location method is based on Trilateration.

I hope this is clear and helps