Adding user data in the Tag's frame

Hello Mates,
I am currently working with DWM-3000 and using “Tag and Anchor”. In which message or frame structure from Tag or Anchor, I can send user data in the frame structure of all the messages Tag and Anchor send to each other.
Please guide me how to add user data to the messages which Tag and anchor send to each other as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance.

You can add the extra data to any message.
Just modify the definition of the struct that you are sending as the the message to include extra space for your data.
Or if your message is currently defined as a byte array then throw that away and do things sensibly by defining the message as a packed struct.

The two things to look out for are that as standard messages are limited to 127 bytes and that longer messages take longer to process and send which means your timings will get tighter, you may need to increase some delays and timeouts slightly depending on how much extra data and how tight the times are to start with.
Keep in mind that it’s not just the over the air time that you need to factor in, you also need to read and write extra data over the SPI bus, depending on how fast you are running the bus that may be a bigger impact than the actual transmit time increase.