adding discovery mode in TREK1000

hi all
i added imu sensors in my custom tag and my tags waking up random time i have 100 tags getting up at random time say when there is a significant movement how can i solve this issue iam using trek1000 code or it possible to add discovery mode and solve this issue please help me to proceed.thanking you alll in advance

Not exactly sure what you mean by “discovery mode” … each DW1000 device has part ID and lot ID programmed in the factory. You could read these from OTP on start up (actually dwt_initialise API finction does this). And then use combination of these to give the tag a 16-bit address it could use instead of the one programmed by the switches… is that what you are wondering about?

Personally, I would design own system instead of using TREK code… as TREK does not scale. It has just been designed for small demos.