ADC on EVK1000

Hi everyone,

I am using EVK1000 during my internship. However, I am a beginner on it and Arm programming. Currently, I am seeking information to use ADC on EVK1000. I have not got any example of it. I have not found how to connect any sensor to it to use ADC. May you please suggest me anything? Thank you in advance. I do not want any example code. I just need to be directed to which way I have to follow. I looked at schematics and reference manual but could not find the way to advance.


There are a set of example codes available for download here:

One of the examples in this pack has an API that uses the DW1000 ADC to read the Vbat.
See dwt_readtempvbat() function in the deca_device.c file

Good luck,

Hi Ken,

Many thanks to your help. I am very grateful. I will look at them.