Accidentially turned off BLE!

I accidentally turned off BLE with one of my dev kit devices and now can no longer control it from within the Android app. What is my best course of action to get this corrected?


I assume this is DWM1001C.
Best course of action is to erase the module and reflash with the PANS Hex file to recover.

I’m not sure how I’d go about that. Is that something that’s documented somewhere?

Hi Brad,

Please clarify what hardware you have exactly so we can provide our best directed answer.
Maybe a picture of your setup will help?


I have the MDEK1001 Development Kit. Current implementation is 5 anchors and X tags. We’re currently in the POC process.

MDEK1001 boards are an assembly of the DWM1001 module, a Dev board and plastics.
The Dev board - DWM1001-DEV - has a Segger J-Link On Board debugger which allows you to erase, program and debug the DWM1001. Download the Segger J-Link support software from their site.
Look at the documentation provided for how to program the DWM1001 - DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide.pdf

Thank you!

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Is there any alternative than buying a 400$ device (Segger J-Link debuggers) just to re-enable the bluetooth? Any other less pricy programmers/debuggers that would do the trick?

Hi @sofianaudry,

If you want to re-enable the bluetooth on the MDEK1001 board, the best way it’s to use J-Flash Lite from segger. After that, you can connect the dev board and erase and re-flash the PANS R2 soft in the board.

If you use the DWM1001C module only (with your custom board) I can advise you to buy the 8.08.90 J-LINK EDU, available for 68 $.

Have a nice day.

Hi David,
Thanks for the advice. Strangely enough, I actually managed to re-enable bluetooth from the web interface of my Raspberry Pi gateway.

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