Access to Received Signal Strength Values on MDEK1001


Please excuse my basic knowledge. I haven’t received the MDEK kit yet, therefore I haven’t had the chance to really play around with it.

Does one have access to the received signal strength values via the API? I have looked through the API guide and haven’t found any information regarding this.

Would be grateful for any help/pointers.

Hi ankursrivastava,

When using the “LA” command in the user shell mode, there is an estimate of the RSSI of the various anchors from which the signal can be received. But apart from that thee is no straightforward way to measure the RSSI.

Thank you,

Hi Yves_Bernard, Could you please tell in details how to use La command in shell mode like you described above. I am looking to collect raw RSSI values from all the anchors when observed at any DWM1001 tag.