AC coupling the common clock signal for DW1000

Hi all,

I want to implement a common clock hardware for several dw1000 ICs, it says in the datasheet that I should use 2200 pF capacitor for AC coupling the signal. My question is that should each dw1000 have its own AC coupling capacitor, or is it enough if I install just one, where the clock is generated and then distribute the signal like so?

Hi ,
When using a TCXO with DW1000, we recommend that the AC coupling capacitor between the TCXO o/p and pin 3 of DW1000 is 2200pF for each IC
It maybe that another value is recommended by different vendors on their TCXO datasheet. We have only tested this with Rakon TCXOs so one will need to test if this works with TCXOs from other manufacturers.
Please also have a look at APH001 our HW design Guide. It describes other aspects of design to take care of. Eg the need for a separate regulated supply for the TCXO