About the TREK1000 some question 5

Hello everyone,
I have some question about RTLS in TREK1000.

If I need to RTLS and exchange to data via WSN (anchor-to-anchor or anchor-to-tag) at the same time,
is this the method feasible?
Have some people trying to use WSN for exchange to data?
Have some sample can study to use WSN on TREK1000?

Thanks all.


the answer is yes,

DW1000 can send 127 or up to 1023 bytes (when using extended frame mode) of payload in each frame. Each message that is received had RX timestamp and sent has TX timestamp. The time information needs to be shared between the nodes to get RTLS functionality.

so both WSN data and time data can be combined to give WSN+RTLS.


Hello Zoran,

when a transmitter in extended mode sends a message of i.e.80bytes, will a receiver in normal mode accept those message?
Or is the extended mode downwardscompatible?


both have to use same modeā€¦ you can, of course, send short frames in the extended mode


Thanks for your advertisement.
I will try it.