About the listener

Now when we use DWM1001MODULE, set it to listener mode and find that it stops receiving the surrounding tag data after a period of time. If the listener is restarted, it can receive the coordinates of the surrounding tags again, but the Bluetooth connected app can always Receive the coordinates of the tags.

As a passive, the listener should not occupy the seat number? We set up more than 16 anchors, and they all have seats, and also set up many listener.

Now we are very surprised that the listener does not receive the tag data for no reason, can not help us find out what caused it.

Hi Wheeler

What do you mean by the Listener stop receiving data ? Does that mean the listener does not send data over BLE or does that mean that it does not report location when using les or lep on the uart interface ?

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We don’t know if the listener stops receiving data from tags or stops sending tag data to the PC.
We use the usart command to send the lec command to receive the tag’s location information, but the listener will stop sending the tag’s location information after working for a while, and must reset the listener’s reset pin before it can work normally for a while.
This information will appear in the logs we store.

2018-07-05 16:45:28 [000004.160 INF] uwb: tdma (not synced)

[000004.160 INF] uwb: reinit
2018-07-05 16:45:57 [000002.710 INF] uwb: tdma (not synced)
[000002.710 INF] uwb: reinit

2018-07-05 16:46:26 [000001.500 INF] uwb: tdma (synced)

2018-07-05 16:46:29 POS,0,0135,2.62,5.02,0.78,59,xA9

2018-07-05 16:46:36 POS,0,0183,2.82,5.46,0.09,50,x5C


Ok I see.

Are the lien of sight conditions between the listeners and tags good ? Are they changing (like a door being closed for example ? ).

It looks like the listener is losing synchronization from the network.


The listener, anchor and tag are all in the same room, the initiator is outside the door, but the anchor has a seat number in case of opening and closing the door. The room size is 4m*7m. What is the cause?

We have the same problem in our tests. We can see in the log the same info: “[color=#333333][size=small]uwb: tdma (not synced)[/size][/color]” but when we reinit the listener we can see that the system is working fine. Any update about this?