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Recently, I want to develop an autonomous following robot, so I need to choose a reliable uwb sensor. The requirements for sensor selection are as follows:

  1. The sensor is installed on the mobile robot. If multiple anchor nodes are installed, the spacing is about 2 feet;

  2. The sensor has a high positioning accuracy, preferably around 10cm.

  3. The sensor can communicate with PC conveniently, and is easy to configure and control.

Personally, I think it is suitable for MDEK1001 and TREK1000. In addition, I have heard that there are sensors based on PDOA DWM1003&DWM1002, but I don’t see any correlation.

I’d like to hear your opinions!

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The MDEK1001 is a great starting point for beginners to UWB and RTLS, the Robot can be ‘tagged’ and the area when the robot is deployed will have ‘anchors’. These anchors will be stationary and placed at least 1.5m high to give good LOS to the robot.

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Hey Wangbo

I would suggest also looking into some form of magnetometer / digital compass. To properly control a robot, you typically also want to know it’s heading and a compass greatly simplifies this.

With UWB it is also possible to calculate the heading based on PDoA / TDoA (Phase / Time Difference of Arrival), but we don’t have any kits available for this yet. If you have the required experience and time budget, you could look into using 2 kits on the robot. If your primary reason for making the robot is research into UWB it could be interesting, if you are making a one-off hobby project a digital compass is probably simpler.