About products (MDEK, TREK)

I have four questions.

  1. I know that for TREK1000 (EVK1000), CIR can be obtained through DecaRanging. Is this true?
  2. In order to increase the number of anchors to 4 or more, I saw in the forum that MDEK is recommended. Can MDEK also access raw data of individual anchor or tag (e.g., CIR)?
  3. What is the big difference between MDEK and TREK?
    Is it not possible to see low data, or is software differently provided?
  4. I am going to use six anchors and one tag to find efficient localization. I have to look at the raw data and process the signal to achieve high distance accuracy.
    What products would you recommend?
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Hi sohee,

Iā€™m having the same problems. It bothers me that MDEK seems even cheaper than TREK though it has more boards. I really want to see the differences between them, too.