About Decawave DRTLS Gateway Application

I would like to know if the Rasberry PI Decawave DRTLS Gateway Application code is now avaliable to download. Well… It´s been a while since any one ask about in this forum, so i want to know if now it´s ok to download

if u are asking for the code for the rtls web manager , just access ur /var/www/ file u will find some files , those files contain the code for the web manager .
HTML/CSS files are display functions , the features are done in the js files.

Hey, but…
my point is: I´m trying to build a gateway without the Raspberry pi and, from what i know, i need the DWM daemon and the DWM proxy. In Raspberry aplication i saw that this files was in binary. Well… do you have any tip of what should i do? or where should i start?