A question about DC Temp Sweep

There is a netlist:
*** Temperature Sweep**
V1 N001 0 12V
R1 N001 N002 844489
Q1 out N002 0 0 2N2222A
R2 N001 out 2.2k
.model 2N2222A NPN(IS=1E-14 VAF=100 BF=200 IKF=0.3 XTB=1.5 BR=3 CJC=8E-12 CJE=25E-12 TR=100E-9 TF=400E-12 ITF=1 VTF=2 XTF=3 RB=10 RC=.3 RE=.2)

.dc temp -10 80 .1
.plot v(out)

I want make a DC Temp Sweep simulation from -10 degree to 80 degree
but the simulation result is from 263 degree to 353 degree just like the photo I uploaded

And result from Ltspice is correct

I have updated my Qspice to latest version
Is there any problem from my netlist?
thanks everyone

I’ve updated my Qspice to newest version. is there any problem with my techysheky

@ZSX1013 ,

I get the exact same result.

The temp result is the plot is between 263.15C to 353.15C (delta of 90C).

Note: 263.15K = -10C. And 353.15K = 80C.

QSpice is listing the Kevin values as degrees C.


Thank you!
I had found that is Kevin values,
maybe there is a bug about .DC TEMP syntax.
Thanks!That is another way to simulate🙂

After I updated the latest version today,the result is correct.
Thanks to the Author of Qspice :slightly_smiling_face: