74hc132 model for qspice

Hello, good morning.
I just started using qspice and Im trying to load or get a model for 74hc132.
I just have a library here and symbols, but I’m not able to load this model in qspice. Always I try to run an simulation I got an error like:

Fatal error: Unknown device type: a

The model:

*SRC=74HC132;74HC132;CMOS;74HCxx;Nand Schmitt
.subckt 74HC132 in1 in2 y
*pinout SOT27 1 2 3;4 5 6;9 10 8;12 13 11:VCC=14 GND=7
*pinout SO14 1 2 3;4 5 6;9 10 8;12 13 11:VCC=14 GND=7
*pinout SOT108A 1 2 3;4 5 6;9 10 8;12 13 11:VCC=14 GND=7
anand [a b] y ls_nand
aadc  [in1 in2] [a b] ls_adc

.model ls_adc adc_bridge(in_low=2.35 in_high=1.67)
.model ls_nand d_nand(rise_delay=19n fall_delay=19n)

I’m not sure which SPICE program accepts this .subckt. Qspice has its own logic device definition. Based on your .subckt, it seems like this is what you can consider doing in Qspice. This circuit can be converted into a symbol and reused in other projects. If this meets your requirements and you have no idea how to do it, I can create a symbol for this purpose.

Parent.74HC132-Circuit.qsch (7.4 KB)

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Yes. I’m searching for a nand schmitt trigger. This seems to help a lot. Do you can create a component above it?

This is above symbol with embedded subckt.

74HC132.qsym (1.5 KB)

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Dont know if Im doing something wrong, but its taking lots of time to do a simulation.

pseudo time… and it wont stops.

I found that I made a mistake in formula for VH (forgot to divided by 2). I just correct the symbol, please download the symbol again and discard the previous one.

The reason you get trap in the simulation is that, you have to skip initial condition calculation for this type of oscillation circuit. Add uic in .tran directive should solve this problem.
[Other solution is to add .ic V(out)=0 or .ic V(INB)=0 to force 0V as initial voltage to help dc operating point calculation]

Parent.74HC132-Oscillator.qsch (4.1 KB)

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By the way, you can do it by just a standard Schmitt trigger device.

HMITT-Oscillator.qsch (4.2 KB)

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All are very nice solutions. I really apreciate. I wiil do some tests here and will return asap to update this post.

It works as expected. Very nice. Thank you. Its going similar to 74hc123. I think the attibutes can be updated to got the same behavior.